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Online Therapy

Whilst most clients attending psychotherapy prefer face-to-face sessions, online sessions are a convenient option for individuals who are:

  1. Travelling with work or out on work placement;
  2. Housebound due to illness;
  3. Unable to attend in person due to issues with transportation and/or weather conditions;
  4. Unable to attend due to anxiety;
  5. Living in other parts of Ireland or the UK.

Dr. Francis offers online sessions to individuals across Ireland and the UK.

Client’s preferred online format is discussed in advance (e.g. Zoom, Skype) along with a date and time to ‘meet’, as standard with face-to-face meetings. For effective therapeutic progress, it is vitally important that clients choose a location that is quiet and private so they are able to speak freely, without fear of being distracted or interrupted. Clients are asked to present in online sessions as they would if they were attending in person.